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TV Prima is a Czech commercial television station that began broadcasting in June 1993 under the name Premiere TV, which viewers could tune into in Prague and its surroundings. The following year, it became the second nationwide Czech private television station after TV Nova. The station is operated by FTV Prima s.r.o., owned by GES Media Europe. In 2013, the agency Media Club s.r.o. was founded, which commercially covers all Prima Group stations, the network of radio stations and websites.

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Prima Group

FTV Prima s.r.o. owns the licenses for the Prima, Prima Max, Prima Cool, Prima Love, Prima Zoom, Prima Krimi, CNN Prima News, Prima Star, Prima Show channels and is also the owner of the iprima.cz website, which mirrors the TV broadcasts of all Prima Group channels. We divide our television coverage into national or regional. All Prima Group stations are broadcast digitally with nationwide coverage, but some stations are pay-TV, so they are only available to viewers who pay to individual operators (e.g. O2 TV, HBO Go, T-Mobile TV Go, Vodafone TV, etc.).

Prima Group's main station Prima and the movie channel Prima Max have the highest viewership.

The flagship of the programmes broadcast throughout the Prima Group has long been the prime-time TV news programme Zpravy TV Prima. The Prima Group's programming schedule has changed many times since the beginning of its broadcasting due to the struggle for viewership with competing commercial TV groups. Prima Group scored with viewers when it started broadcasting the programmes Prima jízda, Nikdo není dokonalý or Carusošou in 1997. In 2001, new formats of the shows Receptář prima nápadů (which is still popular today), Prima vařečka, Další prosím, etc. were introduced. Compared to its competitors, Prima Group experimented a bit with the deployment of new programmes, trying new programmes of its own creation or adopted formats. In 2004-2006, a popular series of its own creation, Rodinná pouta (Family Ties), was broadcast; from 2007, the series continued to be broadcast under the title Velmi křehké vztahy (known as VKV). The reality show Vyvolení was a hit in 2005. Due to high viewership, several more series were broadcast. In 2005, the very popular foreign series Chirurgové, Zoufalé manželky, etc., as well as the new competition shows Hádej, kdo jsem, Ber nebo neber, Jak se staví sen, etc., were put on the air. In 2009, viewers were introduced not only to other programmes of our own creation, e.g. Ano šéfe, Jak se staví dům, etc., but also to very popular American series and programmes, e.g. The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Top Gear, How I Met Your Mother, South Park, which appeal mainly to a younger target group. In 2014, the reality show X Factor was launched, followed by the show Česko Slovensko má talent. Since 2013, Prima Group has invested in its own production, creating popular series Všechny moje lásky, Cesty domů, Ohnivý kuře, Přístav, Modrý kód, Slunečná.

Characteristics of Prima Group TV stations:

Prima - news, series, films, own production, entertainment, reality shows

Prima Cool - series, entertainment shows aimed at a younger target audience

Prima Love - series, films, shows aimed at female audience

Prima Zoom - documentaries, foreign and own production

Prima Max - film channel

Prima Krimi - crime films and series

CNN Prima News - news television

Prima Star - archive production of TV Prima

Prima Show - foreign reality and entertainment shows


Hybrid TV (HbbTV)

Iprima.cz - HbbTV offers an ideal combination of linear TV broadcasting and the Internet. Users on iPrima consume different content than on the Internet or TV, prefer longer time formats (which also has a positive impact on the results of HbbTV advertising campaigns), do not differentiate so much between self-created and licensed shows, HbbTV reaches over 2.3 million viewers

Weather.iprima.cz - HbbTV Weather app is an updated regional forecast 6 days in advance, high rate of returning viewers, viewers view 7 pages on average, HbbTV Weather app traffic is over 160,000 viewers each month who spend 1 minute or more on the page

Letaky.iprima.cz - HbbTV application Prima LETAKY is located in the main menu of all FTV Prima stations, called Menu Button. Take advantage of smart TVs to deliver the latest offers straight to your living rooms. The leaflets are updated online on a weekly basis, the client inserts the leaflets himself in the online environment, the HbbTV LETÁKY app is viewed by people for an average of more than 2 minutes, viewing more than 25 pages in the process.

HbbTV ad formats:

Switch-In - red button ad appears in shows in the bottom right corner, can be targeted and can be dynamic

Video ad - pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll in the range of 6-30 seconds

Button Menu - displays in the HbbTV menu of Prima Group channels

Synchro - displays Red Buttom for advertising campaigns

Splash Screen - displayed when the application loads, it is a full image branding with a display time of 4-10 seconds

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